Monday, August 2, 2010

a place to stop and sit

Moving to the country was a big shift. Until May I lived in the heart of Uptown, Mpls, near lakes filled with activity and surrounded by running paths and Sunbathers. The high end grocery store, Lunds, was a short walk away as was the hub of Upton, Lake and Hennepin. I couldn't leave the house with running into someone I knew and loved that there was always something to distract me from life.

Life changed with the move to the country. Recently married and living together for the first time we had to learn to adjust to schedules and habits, and of course there was the career change to add to the excitement.

During all of this I am learning to relax. To take some time to slow down and enjoy the land, watch the chickens, keep tabs on tadpoles becoming frogs, just chill. the perfect furniture to relax on has always been wicker. So, on a recent trip to my folks in New York I brought back, among other things, my Grandmother's wicker.

A perfect fit for the stable, it has been a favorite shady place to escape the heat and read a bit, listen to music, or nap. I quickly recovered the cushions using some awning stripe material and a staple gun. There are three more chairs to paint, they are big ones, the rocker needs to be recovered and there is a large side table that needs a bit of repair and paint, but it is a good start.

So, if you are in the neighborhood of Bunbury, let me pour you an Arnold Palmer and we can watch the grass grow.

On second hand, if you are coming over there are a couple projects I could use a hand with...