Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Holidays at the Farm

It's beginning to look alot like Christmas at Bunbury Farm. Decorating the property is a rather daunting task. I thought the boxes and boxes of outdoor decoration I had for my place in Uptown would be just fine.
I have found that I will need a couple more light bulbs for next year.

There are so many places that call out for something sparkly. Windows that need wreaths, there are 25 windows at Bunbury, we have 8 doorways that also need wreaths, boughs of evergreen are called for on the railing of the house, the railing of the bridge, all the split rail fences and the along the stable.

The pond has frozen over, which made hanging the decorations on the bridge easier. I added much more "bling" than I would normally, but it still seems to disappear when I am up at the house.

Next year will be flashier, and I really want a giant wreath for the barn.

The chicken coop is missing a wreath on the door in this picture, but they do have single wreaths hanging from silver ribbons on their windows, so they know they are included in the holiday spirit.

While the chicken coop got silver ribbon, we used red satin ribbon for each wreath, in all the windows. You know how flashy chickens can be!

The bough on the porch are really pretty, the house looks especially nice from the road, viewed through the evergreens. Next year we will go bigger and brighter, I am already looking into solar powered options, but for now this is Christmas at Bunbury Farm, year 1.

And it is perfect.