Sunday, April 11, 2010


Peter and Jim spent a good chunk of the weekend registering for the upcoming wedding/housewarming. So, the weekend was spent at Crate & Barrel, Williams Sonoma, Restoration Hardware and Target. It was more involved than I would have thought, I mean how hard can it be to create a wishlist?

Crate & Barrel wins for the best registration gift, we got some heart shaped champagne glasses, they won't get a lot of use in our house, but the thought was nice.

Along with the registration we spent hours pouring over seed and plant catalogs, finding beautiful things to place around the property. Jim is currently having an infatuation with columbine and Peter remains all about the miniature farm animals.

We had a sleepover guest Friday and Saturday which added to our tiredness, Butters best friend Janie, a Jack Russell mix spent the weekend and boy does she have energy. We spent a couple of hours at the big off leash dog park today and while Butters was content to come home and head to bed, Janie was still ready to go.

This is a big week, house inspection and returning the final paperwork on the approved offer. It also is a big travel week, so paperwork will have to go back and forth from California. But something has to pay for the house.

We were going to order the bunbury bags from ll bean this weekend, but thought it may jinx things. so that is put off for a couple weeks.

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