Saturday, June 12, 2010

Saturday morning shopping

So when we lived in the city Saturday morning would mean a spin class at The Firm, then a stop at the Minneapolis Farmers Market then a run to the Room & Board Outlet and a check in a J Crew.

This Saturday while stopping to buy a chicken thermometer at the feed store, Jim and Peter were distracted by the critter swap, specifically the pygmy goats. We are already expecting our chickens, we pick them up Tuesday, likely pecking through their shells as I type this, and now we have both fallen in love with the pygmy goats. This was a shorter fall for Peter than it was for Jim, but we are both there now. These little guys are adorable!

We are still holding to the "next year" plan for adding goats to the Bunbury family, but things often change. For now we will spend our time visiting the goats, and from time to time, J Crew.


  1. Will you be making goat cheese?

  2. I do want you to know Pygmy goats do get big, bigger than you would think. My daughter had two, Pebbles and Bambam. Pebbles got to looking like a regular goat... Of course she fed her well and that goat liked EVERYTHING!

  3. I met "Thoroughgood" a Nubian goat this weeek- he's a neighbor down the road, and I don't know when I was last soooo smitten!! I have never met a goat, and now I want some!! The owner told me that the boys are nicer! But I guess that doesn't help you if you are wanting to make goat cheese! Can't wait to meet the chicks!

    p.s. a spin class sounds so "urban"!!:)

  4. Welcome to the neighborhood! I'm fairly certain I know where Bunbury Farm is located. Congrats on the chicken - that didn't take you any time at all! Pygmy's are cute but you haven't met a baby lamb yet, have you? We will have to figure a time for you to stop by and meet the flock (and us!) Oh, by the way, we have two friends who work at Hazelden. :-)

  5. Oh, one more thing. When you mentioned "spin class" my mind immediately thought of spinning wool!