Tuesday, May 11, 2010

And we buy the farm...

We closed on the farm yesterday at 1 pm! Packing the Explorer and Escape (we are a Ford family) with cleaning supplies, mattress and bedding and hopefully enough provisions to last the night, with Butters the dog included, we headed to Bunbury for our first night.

We did not have much chance to wander the property, it is cold and rainy in Minnesota right now, we spent most of the time indoors, looking around at the enormity of the project we have ahead of us. Thankfully we have until at least April 2040 to get it done, according to the mortgage.

So, we begin the process of moving, renovating and packing. We will take a bunch of "before" pictures and get them posted so we can keep you updated.


  1. You both resound with happiness...and I am so happy for you. Love the farmhouse..and all the land. Now you need to get a couple of horses! What a life...But where are the wedding pictures? And I am sending this on my wedding anniversary--May 18...a great time to get wed. Love always, Aunt Jane

  2. according to my mortgage then i have until 2037 to get my house in shape, did i tell you we still have boxes never opened after three years/ i am so excited for the both of you, the house and property look great/ you two are great, so happy to have the minnesota connection/congratulations again and again, may God Bless you with much happiness