Monday, May 24, 2010

Which came first? The chicken or the coop?

What a weekend! Gardening and painting, with a dinner party hosted in the stable on Saturday night (pictures to come).

The most exciting news though is the expectations of the arrival of our newest family members. On Tuesday, we are expecting 10 chickens! Currently there is very little knowledge of dealing with chickens, but we are about to learn. The chicken coop is being cleaned and the little fenced in yard has been cleared and Peter is buying chicken feed, the chickens are Peter's project so he is busy researching seed and techniques.

Hopefully no chickens will be harmed in the creation of this Farm.


  1. Peter, My brother has chicken. If you are getting baby chicks first the best thing is to handle them, so they get to smell you, and to know you. Most important things if the are older chickens and they do not want to move so you can get their eggs use a shovel to lift there butts, so the peck the shovel instead of your hands. They are great for the garden if you have grubs let them roam and they will eat them, so the grubs do not eat your garden. Have fun with the girls.............LOL

  2. Wheres the beef?